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What is ALE ?

Agile Lean Europe (ALE) is an event where people from different areas come together to share experiences and learn approaches to work and business with others in peer to peer manner. There are no speakers declaring lectures, but instead practicing people settling down in small groups to learn & tackle issues together. And it all happens in a warm, friendly and pleasant atmosphere that people create and maintain by themselves because they want that and it makes ALE what it is.

Check below videos how ALE came to be and what experienced attendees say about ALE...

11th year's theme - Futurespective

As organizers of ALE2022 we are aware and we observe businesses becoming faster, more disruptive and less predictable. High speeds and uncertainty often causes distrust and alienates people - the key component of the business world.

In good tradition of ALE, we invite you to come and connect - first with yourself, then with others and finally with the theme of ALE2022 - Futurespective

At ALE it is safe to be open, vulnerable and genuine. You may re-discover yourself, you may make new friends, you may learn new things - whatever that may be - it will be a new beginning.

We invite you to join us to make it happen together because only when people connect, something new emerges.