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This is the ALE Archive. Use it to visit the websites from previous stops on the travels of the ALE Unconference.

These historical sites are no longer actively maintained, so we can't promise that everything still works. But this is what we've found in our time vortex.

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ALE20 & ALE21 online from Riga (coming soon)

ALE19 Porto

ALE18 Zurich

ALE17 Prague (coming soon)

ALE16 Paris

ALE15 Sofia

ALE11 Berlin

Other editions ... pending


About the ALE Archive

Not all websites live as long as our ALE Unconference. We met in Berlin for the first time in 2011. You may have it difficult to find much evidence of early editions of the ALE Unconference online.

When the ALE Unconference made a stop in Zurich on 2018, the Zurich stewards created the agilelean.eu domain as a gift to offer the community.

This address can live on as we hand it to Riga. Use it to find this travelling circus of Agile Lean practitioners wherever we are.

Thanks Yves

We want to thank Yves Hanoulle who offered his help and generous support to create and hold the domain registration itself. Yves is well-known for his community stewardship and a familiar ALE contributor since the first Unconference in Berlin.

We look forward to hug you in Toulouse !

Thanks Steve

We want to thank Steve Holyer who offered his help and generous support to reuse the ALE 2018 website for the ALE 2019 edition and now for mini online ALE 2020 and online ALE 2021 from Riga with help of the ALE EU wide community. Steve also helped the 2022 edition in Toulouse (big friendly hug from @duboisrachel

Steve is part of the ALE community since the beginning. Thank you :')